Body Composition Laboratory Core

The Body Composition, Exercise Physiology, Energy and Metabolism (BCEPEM) Lab, or Body Composition Lab for short, supports clinical research involving exercise testing, body composition, and metabolism. In addition, the Body Composition Lab offers whole-body assessment and analysis to the community, including fitness testing, resting metabolism, and body composition for self-assessment and tracking individual progress.

With state-of-the-art lab equipment, the Body Composition Lab aims to provide precise measurements and high quality analyses in a timely manner, along with any interpretation and/or collaboration needs. The Body Composition Lab personnel have broad expertise in working with a variety of populations from varying age groups and are able to assist in each step of the way, from protocol design to data collection and management.

For a breakdown of each measurement, download our 2022 Body Composition Lab Price List.

More information can be found on the Body Composition website.

More information on the Shepherd Research Lab (SRL) can be found on the SRL website.