Metabolomics Shared Resource

The Metabolomics Shared Resource (MSR) was established to support researchers at the UH Cancer Center and various academic and industrial partners with our streamlined metabolite profiling approaches and cutting-edge data processing tools.

Metabolomics provides a unique measure of the global, dynamic metabolic response of living organisms to biological stimuli. Using triple quadruple mass spectrometry (TQ-S) coupled with chromatographic separations, including gas chromatography (GC) and liquid chromatography (LC), high detection sensitivity can be achieved for a broad range of endogenous metabolites. Such powerful technology is well suited for cancer biology research and epidemiological studies, where a biochemical snapshot of specific cellular processes can be generated to pinpoint the metabolic defects/biomarkers mechanistically associated with carcinogenesis.

The MSR offers these services:

  1. Metabolite extraction from samples, including serum, plasma, urine, saliva, CSF, tissues, and a single cell
  2. Quantitative, quality-controlled metabolomics assays for specific panel of metabolites (such as amino acids, bile acids, free fatty acids, lipids, short chain fatty acids, and drug metabolites, etc)
  3. Metabolomic global profiling of cell, animal, and human samples
  4. Metabolomics data processing and biological interpretation
  5. Grant application and publication support
  6. Premium consultation/training on all the aspects of Metabolomics studies