Hawaiʻi Cancer Statistics

Understanding Diversity

Hawaiʻi is a diverse state in both in its geography and demographics. It has the highest proportion of individuals of mixed-race ethnicity in the U.S. with two of every ten residents describing themselves as more than one race. While Hawaiʻi's citizens boast the longest life span of any state in the nation, regrettably, each year more than 6,000 of our residents are diagnosed with invasive cancer, and another 2,000 die from the disease.

Learn more about the burden of cancer in Hawaiʻi, including cancer incidence and mortality rates, in the Hawaiʻi Cancer at a Glance. This publication is completed by the University of Hawaiʻi Cancer Center's Hawaiʻi Tumor Registry.

Hawaii Cancer at a Glance 2009-2013 report
Hawaiʻi Cancer at a Glance 2009-2013