What is 20BY25?

Overall Goal – Ensure that the people of Hawaiʻi
receive the highest quality of cancer care

Today’s “standard” treatment WAS a clinical trial 5-10 years ago.
Today’s clinical trial WILL BE standard care 5-10 years from now.


Achieve enrollment to cancer clinical trials of 20 percent of all individuals
with newly diagnosed and relapsed cancers each year by 2025.

  1. Community education about cancer clinical trials,
  2. Engagement and training of oncology providers, and
  3. Encouraging enrollment to cancer clinical trials.

Long Term Goal

Hawaiʻi will be the ONLY state in the US to achieve this high proportion
of enrollment to clinical trials statewide.

  1. There are ∼6500 new cancer cases each year in Hawaiʻi
  2. The goal is to enroll 1300 patients per year onto a cancer clinical trial
  3. At least one-fourth of these enrollments should be to treatment-based trials. Others may be to cancer prevention, supportive care, diagnostic and cancer healthcare delivery trials.

The University of Hawaiʻi Cancer Center, which already provides a clinical trial infrastructure for over 2/3 of cancer patients in the State, is uniquely positioned to lead this initiative.


1National Comprehensive Cancer Network; American Cancer Society; National Cancer Institute