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Accurate 4-Component Body Composition with Varying Body Fatness and Hydration (4C Models) Study

Interested in your percent body fat, percent lean mass, bone density, total body water?

This is an example of a DXA scan

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Obesity accounts for 20% of all cancers. Loss of lean mass with aging and cancer status leads to frailty and increased mortality. The measure of obesity and muscle status is confounded in that as adiposity increases, the fat-free component of adipose tissue also increases and is mistaken as muscle in standard body composition measures. Low hydration status is also confused with low muscle mass. In this study, we investigate how to isolate the fat-free adipose tissue and hydration status from the lean mass measures in Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DXA) and other methods. These issues are also important in the functional assessment of athletes. Eighty (80) participants (40 male), will be recruited for a variety of body composition assessments. The overall goal is to determine how to derive accurate body composition with varying states of hydration.

Body composition measurements (non-invasive) of your choice will be completed for this study:

  1. BodPod
  2. Whole-Body DXA
  3. Under Water Weighting
  4. 3D Optical Scanning
  5. Total Body Water Using Deuterium Analysis
  6. Bioelectrical Impedance and skin moisture constants
  7. Anthropometric Measurements


  1. 18 years or older
  2. Able to lay flat on your back for up to 20 minutes
  3. Able to stand without aid for 15 minutes


  1. Personal body composition results (fat, lean, and bone mass)
  2. 3D optical scans for your hip/waist circumference measurements

To participate or learn more about this study, contact the study team at (808) 440-5231 and mention “4C Models Study”.

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