Researchers win UH Mānoa provost’s Strategic Investment Competition

February 19, 2020

UH Cancer Center researchers, Gertraud Maskarinec, MD, PhD, associate director of research education, and Joe W. Ramos, deputy director, won the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Provost’s Strategic Investment Competition.

The Cancer Center’s proposed Cancer Research Internship Program that won the competition will offer undergraduate students the opportunity to conduct research in an interdisciplinary environment and to receive mentoring from UH Cancer Center faculty members to achieve entry into graduate school. Specifically, the program will provide hands-on summer research experiences accompanied by a multidisciplinary curriculum to reinforce their intent to graduate with a science degree and to consider a career to address the burden of cancer in Hawaiʻi. The proposed program will allow UH Mānoa students in the UH Cancer Center’s Summer Internship Program to continue mentorship during the school year.

The competition is designed to increase cross-unit and cross-disciplinary collaboration in strategic areas that, with start-up funding, have a strong possibility for success in building on UH Mānoa’s strengths while also addressing challenges.

Out of 42 collaborative proposals, 16 proposals were selected to receive a total of $750,000 in start-up funding.

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