Honolulu TMIST Program Adds Diversity to the Patient Mix

From the Fourth Quarter 2019 TMIST Study Updates Newsletter

(From left) Nathan Ramos, Suzanna Lieu,
Erin Capps, Shirley Cheng

Posted January 15, 2020

The collaboration between the Queen’s Medical Center and the University of Hawaiʻi Cancer Center is helping to expand the ethnic diversity of TMIST patients through accrual efforts on the island of Oahu.

Since June 2018, the program, led by principal investigator Erin Capps, MD, of Radiology Associates, Inc., Hawaiʻi, has registered 190 subjects and is growing by five new patients a week.

Although this is not TMIST’s largest program, the recruitment effort in Honolulu might be building its most diverse patient population. About 45 percent of its enrollees are Asian, 27 percent are Caucasian, 16 percent are Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islanders and most of the remaining 12 percent identify with two or more ethnic groups.

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