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Translational and Clinical Research Faculty Members

University of Hawai'i Cancer Center (UHCC) works with community doctors to treat you as an individual with the goal of making your life whole again. UHCC is committed to bring innovative clinical trials to the people of Hawai'i and the pacific. By combining cutting edge science in these trials with your doctor's compassionate care, we are setting out to work miracles.


Acoba, Jared, MD

Berenberg, Jeffrey, MD

Chan, Owen, MD, PhD

Cho, Jonathan Karl, MD

Fukui, Jami, MD

Furuya, Hideki, PhD

Holcombe, Randall, MD, MBA

Huang, Jeffrey, PharmD

Issell, Brian, MD

Morris, Paul Timothy, MD

Naderi, Ali, MD, CCST (UK)

Rhee, Jessica, MD

Rosser, Charles, MD, MBA, FACS

Sumida, Kenneth, MD

Wong, Linda, MD


Alam, Daniel, MD

Ambrale, Samir, MD

Aoki, Christopher, MD

Au, Laura, PharmD, BCOP

Boyer, Dustin, MD

Brown, Vincent, MD

Bueno, Racquel, MD

Carney, Michael, MD

Chen, Susie A, MD

Chong, Clayton, MD, MPH

Choy, Galen, MD

Clendeninn, Neil, MD

Coel, Marc, MD

Cronk, Jeffrey, MD

Fischberg, Daniel, MD, PhD

Fukumoto, Jon S., MD

Furumoto, Nancy, MD

Glaser, Darryl Warren, MD

Greer, Lester, MD

Higuchi ,Carl M, MD

Ho, Reginald, MD

Horio, David, MD

Jensen, Jasmin, MD

Kakuda, James Tai, MD

Kanemori, Mark T, MD

Kawahara, Kaye Kazuom MD

Kerns, Tami, MD

Killeen, Jeff, MD

Kim, Charles Ock, MD

Kim, Robert, MD

Klem, Christopher, MD

Kuwada, Scott K, MD

Kwee, Sandi Alexander, MD

Kyono, Wade Tadashi, MD

Leckova, Katarina, MD

Lederer, John L, MD

Lee, Richard, MD, PhD

Liu , Gene, MD

Liu, Pi-Ju Christina, MD

Liu, Randal, MD

Loui, William Stanton, MD

Mah, Kathyleen, MD

Maldini, Gregorio, MD

Medeiros, Desiree, MD

Middleton, Nia, MD

Miki, Noboyuki, MD

Miller, Charles, MD

Miyashiro, Michelle Hiroko, MD

Moon, Scott, MD

Morita, Shane, MD

Nakano, Gordon Masato, MD

Nakashizuka, Mari, MD

Nakasone, Ryon, MD

Nishimoto, Patricia, DPH

Oishi, Andrewy, MD

Okazaki, Ian, MD

Palafox, Neal, MD, MPH

Palalay, Melvin, MD

Pang, Laeton James, MD

Shiramizu, Bruce, MD

Smith, Richard, MD

Speirs, Christina, MD

Sterbis, Joseph, MD

Tamura, David, MD

Terada, Keith, MD

Thompson, Karen, MD

Tikhonenkov, Sergei, MD

Tsuji, Stuart, MD

Tsukigawa, Kazue, MD

Wada, Randal, MD

Wei, David, MD

Yanagihara, Ronald, MD

Yee, Arnold, MD

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