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Bruce Shiramizu, MD

Bruce Shiramizu, MD
  • Full Member
    Cancer Biology Program and
    Clinical Member
    Clinical and Translational Research Program
    University of Hawaii Cancer Center
  • Academic Appointments

  • Professor
    Departments of Tropical Medicine, Medical Microbiology & Pharmacology; and Pediatrics Graduate faculty member, Department of Tropical Medicine, Medical Microbiology, and Pharmacology
    John A. Burns School of Medicine
    University of Hawaii at Manoa


  • MD
    University of Utah
    Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Internship/Residency
    SUNY-Children's Hospital
    Buffalo, NY

Research Focus

Research in my laboratory focuses on two main areas of cancer: 1) childhood non-Hodgkin lymphoma and HIV-associated cancers. As a clinical translational researcher, the importance of my laboratory's contributions to cancer lie in being a reference laboratory for the Children's Oncology Group international NHL treatment protocol to study minimal residual disease assessment in identifying children at risk for relapse; and in engaging with the Native Hawaiian, other Pacific Islander, and Asian communities to study anal cancer screening.

Selected Publications

  • Shiramizu B, Goldman S, Smith L, Agsalda-Garcia M, Galardy P, Perkins SL, Frazer JK, Sanger W, Anderson JR, Gross TG, Weinstein H, Harrison L, Barth MJ, Mussolin L, Cairo MS. (2015) Impact of persistent minimal residual disease post-consolidation therapy in children and adolescents with advanced Burkitt lymphoma: A Children's Oncology Group Pilot Study Report. Br J Hem. In press, PMID 25858645
  • Goldman S, Smith L, Galardy P, Perkins SL, Frazer K, Sanger W, Anderson J, Gross TG, Weinstein H, Harrison L Shiramizu B, Barth M, Cairo M. (2014) Rituximab with chemotherapy in children and adolescents with central nervous system and/or bone marrow positive Burkitt lymphoma/leukaemia: A Children's Oncology Group Report. Br J Hem, Jul 26, PMID 25066629, PMC4198418
  • Barth MJ, Goldman S, Smith L, Perkins S, Shiramizu B, Gross TG, Harrison L, Snager W, Geyer MB, Giulino L, Cairo MS. (2013). Rituximab pharmacokinetics in children and adolescents with de novo intermediate and advanced mature B-cell lymphoma/leukemia: A Children's Oncology Group Report. Br H Haematol, June, PMID 23802659
  • Goldman S, Smith L, Anderson JR, Perkins S, Harrison L, Geyer MB, Gross TG, Weinstein H, Bergeron S, Shiramizu B, Sanger W, Barth M, Zhi J, Cairo MS. (2012). Rituximab and FAB/LMB 96 chemotherapy in children with Stage III/IV B-Cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma: A Children's Oncology Group Report. Leukemia, 27(5):1174-7, PMID22940833
  • Shiramizu B, Milne C, Terada K, Cassel K, Mastuno RK, Killeen J, Liang C-Y, Tachibana F, Sheeran T, Weihe J, Goodman MT. (2012). A community-based approach to enhancing anal cancer screening in Hawaii's JIV-infected ethnic minorities. J AIDS Clinical Research, 3(6):1-6, PMC3614361

Publication list via PubMed

Active Grants

  • B. Shiramizu, Executive Program Director; PIs Hedges & Mokuau
    "RCMI Multidisciplinary and Translational Research Infrastructure eXpansion Hawaii RMATRIX-11)"
    The goal of the proposed U54 RCTR grant is to assure that the RMATRIX-11 infrastructure supports the further development of the Community of (clinical and translational health disparities) Investigators.
  • B. Shiramizu, C. Shikuma, MPIs
    "Maraviroc and NeuroAIDS Pathogenesis"
    The goal is to investigate the role of HIV-infection of monocytes in the development of cognitive impairment.
  • B. Shiramizu, PI of the John A. Burns School of Medicine subcontract; R. Langer UNLV, PI
    "Clinical and Translational Research Infrastructure Network IDeA-CTR" The goal of the University of Hawaii subcontracted as part of the UNLV inrfrastructure grant is to support mentoring and education for the 18 institutions of the Mountain West Consortium to establish the Clinical Translational Research Infrastructure Network.
  • B. Shiramizu, PI
    Thrasher Research Foundation
    "Identifying Risk of Relapse in Children with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma" To determine and support the minimal residual disease component of an international NHL study for children diagnosed with NHL for Years 2-4 of the study.
  • B. Shiramizu, PI (Subcontract)
    University of California; NCI/NIH; Subcontract to the AIDS Cancer & Specimen Resource
    The scope of work is for the laboratory at UH to take the lead in performing HIV DNA analyses on specimens from the resource.