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February 17, 2017

2017 EAC

External Advisory Committee Makes Annual Visit

HONOLULU – The University of Hawai'i Cancer Center's External Advisory Committee (EAC) made its annual visit on February 13 and 14. Every cancer center designated by the National Cancer Institute has an External Advisory Committee that visits each year to assess the center's progress on strategic plans and activities.

The EAC is composed of researchers and administrators from cancer centers across the nation. They met with UH Cancer Center leadership, as well as Hawai'i legislative leaders, during their visit.

The committee members emphasized to UH leadership and legislative leaders about the critical need for ongoing institutional and legislative support for the Center. With support, the committee noted that the Cancer Center had an "excellent chance" at retaining NCI designation with submission of the Center's next Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) renewal application in September.

"I'm really excited about what we are seeing and the direction you are headed. There's a lot of work ahead, but I think the UH Cancer Center is on the right track towards renewing your status as an NCI-designated cancer center, and more importantly, expanding your ability to reduce the burden of cancer for the people of Hawai'i," said Dr. George Weiner, committee chair.

The members highlighted the value of the Center's cancer research on various ethnicities and races in Hawai'i, which benefits not only the local communities, but of those on the mainland. They also underscored the importance of having an NCI-designated center in Hawai'i, and the Center's ability to provide access to cutting-edge prevention and treatment clinical trials.

"We had a very successful visit from the External Advisory Committee. They were more impressed than ever about the unique research ongoing in our Center. They also had some interesting ideas about our program structure and how to translate our research to patients, through prevention studies and early phase clinical trials," said Dr. Randall Holcombe, UH Cancer Center director.

The University of Hawai'i Cancer Center through its various activities, cancer trial patients and their guests, and other visitors adds more than $54 million to the O'ahu economy. This is equivalent to supporting 776 jobs. It is one of only 69 research institutions designated by the National Cancer Institute. Affiliated with the University of Hawai'i at Manoa, the center is dedicated to eliminating cancer through research, education, and improved patient care. Learn more at Like us on Facebook at Follow us on Twitter @UHCancerCenter.