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October 6, 2014

Dr. Peiwen Fei awarded RO1 grant from the National Cancer Institute

By Chantal Jackson

HONOLULU, HI - The University of Hawaii Cancer Center is happy to announce that on June 12, 2014, Dr. Peiwen Fei was the recipient of the RO1 grant in the amount of $1,577,000.00 from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) for her project ā€¯Molecular Insights into the Fanconi Anemia Tumor Suppressor Signaling Pathway.ā€¯ The project began on July 1, 2014. Dr. Fei earned her medical degree (M.D.) from the Xu Zhou Medical College in Xu Zhou, China and her PhD in Pathology and Cell Biology from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA. She completed her fellowship programs in the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), University of Pennsylvania and National Institute on Aging (NIA), National Institutes of Health (NIH) for Cancer Biology and Cancer Genetics respectively. Currently she is an associate professor in the cancer biology program at University of Hawaii Cancer Center. Her grant funded project focuses on a rare genetic human disease called Fanconi Anemia (FA). Due to the high incidence of cancer in those with this condition, it is suggested that the FA signaling pathway is a tumor suppressor pathway. However, it is not clear how this pathway operates in human tumorigenesis. The objective of Dr. Feiā€™s study is to employ FA as a genetic model system to discern the following: FA signaling pathway, how FA proteins mediate tumor suppression, and to examine the possibility of targeting this pathway as a therapeutic approach in cancer treatment. These studies have the potential to improve our current understanding of the pathogenesis of human cancer. These studies could offer insights into anti-cancer actions of tumor suppressors. They could also lead to the development of additional methods for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of human cancers.

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