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Panneer Selvam Jayabal, PhD

Panneer Selvam Jayabal, PhD
  • Junior Researcher
    Cancer Biology Program
    University of Hawaii Cancer Center


  • PhD (Biochemistry), Annamalai University, India
  • MPhil (Biochemistry, Annamalai University, India

Research Focus

My primary research areas are biochemistry, cancer biology and chemoprevention. I am interested in studying mechanisms underlying aging and tumorigenesis. Particularly, I am interested in developing different stages of human carcinogenesis models, and am also very fascinated by studying the effects of natural compounds on the cell growth and developing markers associated with prognosis as well as diagnosis of human cancer. I have been working on the roles of Fanconi Anemia pathway in tumorigenesis and cancer treatment, wish to contribute a part to the mission of eradicating human cancer.

Selected Publications

  • Shen Y, Lee YH, Panneerselvam J, Zhang J, Loo LW, Fei P. (2015). Mutated Fanconi anemia pathway in non-Fanconi anemia cancers. Oncotarget, Aug 21;6(24):20396-403.
  • Panneerselvam J, Pickering A, Han B, Li L, Zheng J, Zhang J, Zhang Y, Fei P. (2014). Basal level of FANCD2 monoubiquitination is required for the maintenance of a sufficient number of licensed-replication origins to fire at a normal rate. Oncotarget, Mar 15;5(5):1326-37.
  • Panneerselvam J, Pickering A, Zhang J, Wang H, Tian H, Zheng J, Fei P. (2013). A hidden role of the inactivated FANCD2: upregulating ΔNp63. Oncotarge, Sep;4(9):1416-26.
  • Panneerselvam J, Park HK, Zhang J, Dudimah FD, Zhang P, Wang H, Fei P. (2012). FAVL impairment of the Fanconi anemia pathway promotes the development of human bladder cancer. Cell Cycle,Aug 1;11(15):2947-55.
  • Park HK, Panneerselvam J, Dudimah FD, Dong G, Sebastian S, Zhang J, Fei P. (2011). Wip1 contributes to cell homeostasis maintained by the steady-state level of Wtp53. Cell Cycle,Aug 1;10(15):2574-82.

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