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Yan Ni, PhD

Yan Ni, MS
  • Assistant specialist
    Cancer Epidemiology Program
    University of Hawaii Cancer Center


  • PhD (Bioinformatics and Computational Biology), University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • MS (Metabolomics), University of Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Research Focus

Yan Ni has been hired as an Assistant Specialist in the Cancer Epidemiology Program. She received her Masters degree in metabolomics from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. She has been enrolled in the PhD program of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte since 2009. Her doctoral dissertation focuses on mass spectrometry-based metabolomics data processing and analysis. Her current research focuses on developing bioinformatics tools for biomarker discovery of metabolomics in the field of cancer research.

Selected Publications

  • Ni Y, Qiu Y, Jiang W, Suttlemyre K, Su M, Zhang W, Jia W, and Du X. (2012) ADAP-GC 2.0: Deconvolution of Coeluting Metabolites from GC/TOF-MS Data for Metabolomics Studies. Anal Chem 84(15):6619-6629. PubMed PMID: 22747237
  • Jiang WX, Qiu YP, Ni Y, Su MM, Jia W, and Du XX. (2010) An Automated Data Analysis Pipeline for GC-TOF-MS Metabonomics Studies. J Proteome Res 9(11):5974-5981. PubMed PMID: WOS:000283810500046.
  • Xie GX, Ni Y, Su MM, Zhang YY, Zhao AH, Gao XF, Liu Z, Xiao PG, and Jia W. (2008) Application of ultra-performance LC-TOF MS metabolite profiling techniques to the analysis of medicinal Panax herbs. Metabolomics 4(3):248-260. PubMed PMID: WOS:000259007900006.
  • Ni Y, Su M, Lin J, Wang X, Qiu Y, Zhao A, Chen T, and Jia W. (2008) Metabolic profiling reveals disorder of amino acid metabolism in four brain regions from a rat model of chronic unpredictable mild stress. FEBS Lett 582(17):2627-2636. PubMed PMID: 18586036.
  • Ni Y, Su MM, Qiu YP, Chen MJ, Liu YM, Zhao AH, and Jia W. (2007) Metabolic profiling using combined GC-MS and LC-MS provides a systems understanding of aristolochic acid-induced nephrotoxicity in rat. FEBS Lett, 581(4):707-711. PubMed PMID: WOS:000244572300021.

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