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Scott K. Kuwada, MD

Scott K. Kuwada, MD
  • Professor
    Clinical and Translational Research Program
    University of Hawaii Cancer Center
  • Professor of Medicine and Chief
    Division of Gastroenterology
    John A. Burns School of Medicine, University of Hawaii at Manoa
  • Adjunct Professor
    Biomedical Engineering
    University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah


  • MD. Medicine, MS, Biochemistry
    John A. Burns School of Medicine
    University of Hawaii at Manoa

Research Focus

Dr. Kuwada's research goal is to find ways to reduce mortality from GI malignancies, especially colorectal cancer. His experience with clinical chemoprevention trials and background in the molecular genetics of colorectal cancer will afford him the ability to collaborate with Dr. Loic LeMarchand as the clinical arm to his studies to determine the importance of miRNA alterations in patients with colorectal tumors. The principal goal of their research studies is to develop a blood-based test for the early detection of colorectal cancers or their pre-malignant precursors. Hawaii's unique multi-ethnic population affords them a unique ability to apply the findings of their studies to under-represented minorities.

Selected Publications

  • Shen Y, Herde R, Doxey BW, Xu C, Gray PD, Kuwada SK. Pharmacologic downregulation of c-FLIP(L) restores juxtacrine death receptor-mediated apoptosis in cancer cells in a peritoneal carcinomatosis model. Int J Cancer. 2011 Apr 7. PMID: 21480219.
  • Neklason DW, Tuohy TM, Stevens J, Otterud B, Baird L, Kerber RA, Samowitz WS, Kuwada SK, Leppert MF, Burt RW. Colorectal adenomas and cancer link to chromosome 13q22.1-13q31.3 in a large family with excess colorectal cancer. J Med Genet. 2010 Oct;47(10):692-9. PMID: 20522424; PMCID: PMC3050714.
  • Zhang Y, Soto J, Park K, Viswanath G, Kuwada S, Abel ED, Wang L. Nuclear receptor SHP, a death receptor that targets mitochondria, induces apoptosis and inhibits tumor growth. Mol Cell Biol. 2010 Mar;30(6):1341-56. PMID: 20065042; PMCID: PMC2832505.
  • LaBarbera DV, Modzelewska K, Glazar AI, Gray PD, Kaur M, Liu T, Grossman D, Harper MK, Kuwada SK, Moghal N, Ireland CM. The marine alkaloid naamidine A promotescaspase-dependent apoptosis in tumor cells. Anticancer Drugs. 2009 Jul;20(6):425-36. PMID: 19369860.
  • Neklason DW, Thorpe BL, Ferrandez A, Tumbapura A, Boucher K, Garibotti G, Kerber RA, Solomon CH, Samowitz WS, Fang JC, Mineau GP, Leppert MF, Burt RW, Kuwada SK. Colonic adenoma risk in familial colorectal cancer--a study of six extended kindreds. Am J Gastroenterol. 2008 Oct;103(10):2577-84. PMID: 18671820.

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Active Grants

  • S. Kuwada, Principal Investigator
    Novel inhibitors of metastasis (Cephalon)
    October 2008 to December 2011